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Our main School of Theatre Arts

Our main musical theatre school runs on a Saturday between 2pm and 5pm. We are also launching a Saturday morning school in September 2023, from 10am to 1pm. Both are led by our Principal and Artistic Director, Dan Cowtan and Sara Lawton, our Theatre School Manager. Each term is mostly performance focused. So, this ranges from full scale musical productions, to fully staged concerts in professional and regional venues. Our students learn the required disciplines for musical theatre and hone their skills in acting, singing and dance during the rehearsal periods. Thereby ensuring they are ready for the performance opportunities at the end of term.

Each main school can take up to 60 children, with each term running for a total of 12 weeks (occasionally longer depending on the project). Fees for the term are £270 per student (pro-rated if a student were to join after the start of term) and any siblings that join are eligible for a 10% discount.

Come and find out what we do

Free Trial Sessions Available

We realise that it can be quite a commitment to sign up to the school. So, we offer free trial sessions for anyone who would like to come and see what we do. Because we’re pretty confident you’ll like what you see. And absolutely no previous experience is required. If you’d like to come and try on a Saturday morning, then please book your trial via the link below.

Starting September 2023

Start Saturday with a song (and dance)

Opening in the Autumn Term 2023, our new session will run with the same structure as our Saturday afternoon school. But on a Saturday morning between 10am and 1pm. In addition, the structure with fees, term lengths and class size all remain the same as Saturday afternoon.

One to one musical theatre training

We offer dedicated one to one training across a range of muscial theatre disciplines

Rise and shine

Saturday classes at the Musical Theatre School

Our range of classes are designed to give students the chance to develop their skills in specific subjects. Taking place throughout Saturday each session is 45 minutes long.  They have maximum class sizes of 15. In order to allow for better contact time between students and teachers. Thereby developing these skills in a focused and fun environment. 

Each session cost just £7.50 for the first one and if you choose to do more than one, each subsequent class is just £5.

The sessions that are currently on offer are:

Group Musical Theatre Training

LAMDA Group Acting

Time: 12:15pm – 1pm

Working towards a LAMDA qualification, our group acting sessions will hone the skills required to forge well-rounded and intelligent actors. Focusing on script-work primarily, we will focus on vocal and physical characterisation on wide-ranging material. Thereby ensuring all students are confident with making sophisticated and innovative choices onstage.

LAMDA Group Musical Theatre

Time: 1pm – 1:45pm

A detailed exploration of musical theatre scenes and songs from all eras. We explore musical theatre from contemporary repertoires, through to the golden age of the 50’s and beyond. We will explore style, form and character. Whilst creating and inhabiting the world of the scene within the song. All culminating in an examination for a LAMDA qualification.

Technical Dance

Time: 11:30am – 12:15pm

Our technical dance sessions are intensive training in a number of key disciplines. Including agility, balance, flexibility, strength, concentration and communication. All within a variety of different styles, ranging from contemporary jazz to ballet. And everything in-between.

Technical Theatre

Time: 10:45am – 11:30am

Our technical theatre class will explore production and design skills, with classes in lighting and sound design, video production and stage technology. We aim to develop interest and skill in the technology and software required to create theatre. As well as in the practical application of programming and operating shows.

Acting Through Song

Time: 11:30am – 12:15pm

Our focus in these sessions is on approaching songs as actors, rather than singers. So, we break down the text to understand character and context. The class aims to create an emotional connection within any musical theatre repertoire. Thereby enabling students to best communicate with an audience in a mature and advanced manner.

Commercial Dance

Time: 1pm – 1:45pm

Aimed at more advanced and confident dancers. Our commercial dance class offers students the chance to explore a style that incorporates aspects of many others styles of dance they explore elsewhere. Such as Jazz, Street, Modern, Hip Hop, and many others. This is a high-energy and explosive class.

Girls Choir

Time: 5pm – 6pm

We run a girls’ choir on Saturday evening. We passionately believe that choral singing is for everyone and strongly encourage all talented young singers from all backgrounds and musical styles to audition. The girls’ choir regularly performs locally.

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What do people think of our Musical Theatre School?

Vivo, you are quite simply the best, and being at the school has brought out (in such a short time) my daughters passion, enthusiasm and confidence! We are very much looking forward the future!

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